How are we different ?

Composed of a commited and passionate team we are a methodological, and technical reference in our ecosystem. We adhere to an innovative management style based on transparency, trust, autonomy and flexibility. Our collaborators are involved in the project from end to end, allowing them to develop their skills.

Our ambition is to accompany our collaborators towards exellence.


To us, pushing the industry towards zero defect means on an everyday basis :

The application of best practices improving software quality

  • We define with our clients the process of conception, production and exposition of the software
  • We help identify methods, practices and tools which enable the defined process
  • We write tests before the code to ensure it meets expectations, application of TDD and BDD
  • We implement a continuous delivery thanks to an iterative/incremetal approach
  • We apply UX Design approaches to deliver highly usable software

"We grant a lot of significance to the way we do things"

The systematical transmission of knowledge, methods and practices from our collaborators to our partners

  • The peering of the team with our client is the rule
  • We provide training to transfer best practices to our clients and we strongly believe that "doing together" allows us to infuse the bases necessary to maintain a satisfactory level of quality and long term efficiency
  • Feedback from experiences are shared during conferences, breakfasts, and in articles on our blogs.
  • We interviene in school to make good engenering practices a central part in the schools curriculums.

A continuous improvement process coupled with concrete actions to foster personal developement and ensure our teams flourish

  • We make our own training courses on engineering practices (Tests, TDD, Clean code, Security, 12factors, Cloud native architecture, UX Design, Iterative/incremental in normated environnements...)


K euros
allocated to training


since 2008.


since 2020.


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