Sogilis's Purpose.

To move the industry towards zero-default software.

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world."

Joel Barker, The Star Thrower Story

What does purpose means?

This page exists to explain our purpose. The purpose of a company is the reason why it exists above all. Without purpose, a company cannot unite team members. To intensify a passion and gather people who share a same culture, a same vision, a purpose multiply the power of a team. Making money is a requirement for every company but is not an end in itself. To be meaningful, every company should have a further goal, a purpose that’s here to change the world. Running after a purpose makes people feel part of a team and gives sense to their actions.

Trust fosters innovation towards our purpose.

Our purpose drives team members’ actions. At Sogilis, we trust people. Every team member can take any action if it contributes directly on indirectly to our purpose. Trust and freedom in any organisation can only work with a clear purpose.

Passion at the core.

At Sogilis, we are all passionate about software engineering. We are all passionate about how to build reliable software. We are all passionate about software engineering practices that raise the quality of software. We are all passionate about how to make great software that matters, software whose people can safely rely on to improve their lives.

Heading towards our purpose

In concrete terms, what do we do everyday to move the industry towards zero-default software? What have we achieved so far?

Everyday, when we create software for our customers, we make sure we make users enthusiastic and we apply good engineering practices that raise the quality of software:

  • We write tests before code to verify it complies with its requirements.
  • We apply TDD and BDD.
  • We consider that software without automated tests are not acceptable (unless during MVP fast prototyping).
  • We put in place continuous deployment so we can push code changes many times a day and our customers can move on very fast.
  • Our safety-critical team has been working on avionics projects complying with the highest level of safety (DO-178C DAL A), when lives are on the line. With such software applications, a software failure could lead to the crash of an aircraft and the loss of human lives… Zero-default software really makes sense in this context…
  • Our other teams learn good practices from safety-critical avionics projects and apply some on other projects when relevant.
  • We deliver fully-tested, reliable and well designed software to our customers

Actions taken by our team to get closer to our purpose

Which initiatives taken by our team members contribute to reach our purpose to move the industry towards zero-default software?

  • We have created XReq, a software tool that allows developers to write executable requirements and generate tests for safety-critical embedded projects complying with the highest level of certification standards.
  • We have created RMTool, a software tool that allows development teams to perform traceability requirements with an iterative development cycle relying on Git.
  • We have created Hionos, a Sogilis’ subsidiary whose mission is to make drones as safe as aircraft thanks to an autopilot software product for drones complying with the highest level of safety of the aeronautics industry.
  • For the development of the autopilot software, we have experimented to put together several software paradigms in the context of avionics certified components. We rely on OOP, Design by Contract, formal proof, model based design and we adapted the development process to comply with 3 annexes of the DO-178C standard.
  • We have created SquareScale which brings a new paradigm in the infrastructure industry: SquareScale allows every software developper to instantiate a cutting-edge cluster infrastructure that can scale, without needing any sysadmin skills. With SquareScale, developers can focus on software and stop dealing with infrastructure issues. With SquareScale, continuous deployment is easier to put in place.

That’s our vision of software.


Million orldwide flying hours of safety-critical software embedded in large aircraft.


Number of innovative software startups created thanks to employees' initiatives.


Number of customers
since 2008.


Million raised by startups we created to reach Sogilis' purpose

Our values

Passionate people,
Going after technical excellence,
With a culture of continuous improvement,
With the greatest possible transparency.