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Build for the Future

We are expert at building web applications that exploit the advantages of the cloud computing delivery model, be it private or public cloud.

Disrupt your competitors

A cloud native approach helps your
company lead its market by delivering
features more often.


Bring new ideas to market faster (several times a day!), respond sooner to customer needs.

Never lose business

You can scale up/down your infrastructure instantly when web trafic increases/decreases with zero downtime.

Technological Expertise

We can help your team put in place the best practices to make your competitors irrelevant.

DevOps Mindset

MicroServices Architecture

Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Containers (Docker)

Serverless Architecture
(AWS Lambda)

Service Discovery (etcd, consul), Service Mesh

Are you ready for
the Cloud?

Wether you need to build an application from scratch or to migrate/rewrite a legacy app, we can help your company benefit from the advantages of the Cloud Native model. We can design your cloud architecture and select the most appropriate IaaS /CaaS or PaaS provider for your constraints.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices are at the heart of Cloud Native architectures. It consists in developing your application as a collection of small services. Each service implements a specific feature, runs its own process(es) and can be deployed, upgraded, scaled up/down or restarted without impacting the others. Several teams can work independently on different services, and technologie stacks can be quite different among them. This characteristic allows you to select the best tool for each problem you try to solve, and facilitates a progressive migration of an application.

Yes we can.

At Sogilis, our experts can write your services with a wide range of technologies:




Node JS




Let's create something great together !

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We do not want you to get a good app...

...we want you to get a GREAT app.

Yes we agreed echnology is important, but it’s not enough if you want to lead your market! We believe that User Experience is critical to the success of any application.

At Sogilis, we have a team of UI/UX experts that works closely with our Cloud Native experts to capture the needs of your customers, and to bring the best experience they can expect from your cutting-edge application.

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Deploy and scale your Cloud Native app on any cloud, anywhere, with the click of a button.

We are proud that Sogilis, thanks to its Cloud Native expertise, gave birth to SquareScale, a cutting-edge platform allowing any software development team to deploy a Cloud Native application on any cloud, any geography on a dedicated cluster.
As a Sogilis’ customer, you will benefit from attractive offers on SquareScale prices.

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