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Designed to Last.

We’ve created the most efficient framework to help you deliver your certifiable software at a fast pace.

Be Compliant

Build a compliant process with your standards in a more iterative way.
Facilitate the certifying body tasks.

Faster Time-to-Market

Leave V Cycle and be Agile while keeping a strict process.
Continuous Certification makes you two steps ahead of your competitors with no compromise.

Increase Efficiency

Integrate a set of tools specifically designed for bringing efficiency and agility to standard-compliant application developments.Facilitate process’ appropriation by your team.

Decrease Costs

Identify inconsistencies and errors at a very early stage.
Significantly decrease your development costs while increasing global quality.

Faster Time-To-Market, Higher Quality for your critical applications

  • From A to Z => certification processes and plans to software delivery.
  • Help you to define your requirements (low and high level).
  • Train your team with the best engineering practices.
  • Tests Strategy.
  • Incremental Development.
  • Continuous Delivery.

We create our own tools.

We’ve created the best tools to make standard-compliant software agile.

Manage requirements traceability with a powerful but still light tool dedicated to agile certification compliance. Stop being overwhelmed by heavy and burdensome legacy tools like Doors and alike.

XReq is an automated Natural Language to Automated Tests generator, specifically built for critical projects complying with the most demanding standards. XReq was inspired by BDD tools from the Web Agile community with reliability, quality and safety-critical constraints in mind.

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We make standard-compliance for software a non-event.

Be your software business-critical (a failure can cause a severe loss of business and money) or safety-critical (a failure can cause death), our seasoned team is here to help you put in place the most relevant lifecycle development rules to respect the strong certification constraints while empowering your team to follow a strict but efficient process.

Whatever the certification standard you have to comply with, or even if you don’t need to comply with any but want to improve your software reliability and decrease your maintenance costs, Sogilis will make you design the best strict and agile process.

Here are some examples of standards with which we can help you accelerate your time-to-market and efficiency.





IEC 61508

(Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems)


IEC 62304

(Medical devices)

ISO 26262


IEC 60880


Custom Rules

Dependable team, great customer references.

Aeronautics DO-178C DAL A project.

Sogilis has worked on a critical component embedded in a recent big European airliner. The project was successfully applying an iterative process (delivery and feedback from aeronautics engineers every 2 weeks) and was one the first DAL A and full Agile aeronautics project.

Sogilis is the co-founder of Hionos.

Hionos is a company building the most demanding autopilot for drones, complying with the DO-178C standard at its highest level (DAL A) combining both DO-331 ( Model-Based Development and Verification), DO-332 (Object-Oriented Technology and Related Techniques), and DO-333 (Formal Methods) supplements.

Sogilis has also been involved in projects such as medical software, banking software, nuclear supervision, process control, or projects not subject to standard-compliance but where reliability was business-critical.

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