Passionate People.
Great Software.

We are expert at creating
high-quality tailor-made
software for your business.

To move the industry towards zero-default software.

We’re a team of people passionate about software engineering, we love building software that matters.
At Sogilis we believe that the word “impossible” is overused, we donʼt like this word. Which is why we like to challenge that. Weʼre a passionate team of capable, engineers with an unconventional spirit of enthusiasm, and creativity.


Cloud Native Applications.

Your application should be able to support any number of customers at any time. At times of peak demand, you need to react or risk losing business.
Our experts in cloud native applications can build your tailor-made, hyper-scalable software.

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Embedded Software & IoT.

In a connected world where appliances have their own brain, it’s important to power IOT devices with high-quality software, that is reliable and efficient.
Every great device is powered by great software. We help you bring your devices to life with the software they deserve.

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Safety-Critical Software.

When lives depend on software, there is no room for error. We developed a method to build highly-critical software, while maintaining agility. We create critical systems for various industries, from complying with the highest level of safety in aeronautics (DO-178C DAL A) to working in the field of nuclear energy.

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Why us?

Toward 0 Default.

Perfection doesn't exist, we know.
But we want to create the most reliable and robust software, to reach the highest requirement level.

Great User Experience.

Software is not just about code.
It's about usability, reliabilty and easiness. We believe that great software must be made for its users, and serve theirs goals.

Make the Smartest Choice.

We are not just an ordinary software company but a seasoned team made of engineers, designers and business people to question your beliefs and challenge your project to propel it to the next level.

Not a team, The A-Team.

Experts, passionnate, dedicated, commited: That's how our customers define us.
We helped them to deliver awesome products to their users.

We've Been There Too.

We have created many startups and products too. So we know how to manage projects from sketching to production and give life to your ideas.

On The Same Boat.

We share the same goal : Your success.
To make it possible, we believe we must act as a unique team by removing barriers between us. Let unleash the potential together.

Trusted by the best.

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